ECS 2019 Recap: Four Highlights from the Paint and Coatings Industry Conference

By Charlotte Wille, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA and Lisa Van Veirdeghem, Marketing Coordinator EMEA


The 2019 European Coatings Show may be over, but we’re still thinking about all the great people we met and conversations we had. Thank you to everyone who made this a memorable show—from old friends to new faces. It is, without a doubt, an exciting time for the paint and coatings industry.


Here are a few of our key takeaways from ECS 2019.


Customer Requests are the Top Driver of R&D Activities


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We are impressed by the result of the ECS Conference Poll, where attendees were asked to select each of the factors driving R&D decisions at their company. The results: 62% said that customer requests are a key driver—the top response.


Additionally, 38% said market competition was the top factor, followed by sustainability (30%), legislation and regulations (29%) and cost reductions (27%).


Ulf Neidlein, Vice President of Business Management for Resins and Additives EMEA at BASF, agrees and confirmed that end-customers do influence wood coating trends the most. He told the show publication: “While design matters, it is clearly the end customers who set the trends.”

At Datacolor we have the same spirit: As colour experts, we see it as our job to bring customers the state-of-the-art tools they need to resolve colour challenges and find new and innovative ways to bring inspiration to life. Therefore, our experts work closely with customers to identify the solutions that work best for them.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions are a Top Priority for Many Sectors


Highlights from the 2019 european coatings show


For the decorative segment, where binders play a key role, there is an increasing demand for these types of solutions. Micol Martinelli, Sales Manager for Coatings and Marketing Manager at ICAP-SIRA spoke to the European Coatings Show daily publication about this topic. She says that the number of conferences and scientific articles on the topic of sustainability follows a general trend. But it will only remain a trend until genuine awareness sets in.


“[At ICAP-SIRA] we are active in the production of water-borne emulsions for various sectors like decorative, wood, architectural and construction,” she told the show daily. “Binders play an important role in the formulation and we see in the market rising demand for emulsions with a lower solvent or plasticiser requirement that will enable VOC emissions to be lowered in compliance with EU standards. Compliance with regulatory standards on emissions is a high priority requirement, not only in the decorative sector, but also in other sectors such as wood and industrial coatings.”


Other attendees agreed: in the conference poll at the plenary session, 2/3 noted water-bornes as the most important technology for their companies.


Ultra-High-Gloss and Ultra-High-Matte Wood Coatings are in High Demand


Highlights from the european coatings show


Soft and silky effects, including haptics, are also a priority.


Along with this demand comes the need to successfully measure these types of coatings. In order to more accurately match, correct, and control colour as gloss standards and products differ, you need a colour control system that incorporates gloss compensation.


Most colour formulation and correction software programs utilize Sphere-SCI measurements, which include the total surface reflection, regardless of whether this reflection is all in one direction, diffuse or at some gloss level in between. This is fine if the standard and batch samples are the same gloss level, but becomes a problem when gloss levels differ. To account for this, we built gloss compensation into our colour control software for industries that use pigments. You can read more about gloss compensation here.


The Datacolor ColorReader was “Everybody´s Darling”


highlights from the european coatings show


It was great to see how often our crew took their ColorReaders out of their pockets to demonstrate it to our visitors, who were very impressed by the accuracy, ease-of-use and potential for significant time savings. Visitors agreed: This tool is a real game-changer for its accurate colour identification and ability to streamline the process of ordering paint samples from the manufacturer. It even offers a quality control functionality through the ColorReader app.


We hope you had as memorable a time at the 2019 European Coatings Show as we did. If you have a question you didn’t get to ask us at the show, send us a note at any time and we’ll be happy to help.


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