Fashion Trends and Color Management: What You Need to Know

By Katya Garber, Senior Marketing Manager


It happens every Spring: just as winter is finally coming to an end, fashionistas around the globe start planning their wardrobes for Fall 2019. This means only one thing: Fashion Weeks are over, and designers showed what’s coming. While fresh new looks and beautiful collections bring excitement and joy to consumers, retailers and manufacturers everywhere are gearing up to make sure they can produce garments that are coveted and on trend. So, what is going on in terms of color and what does it mean for those of us charged with getting those colors (and patterns) right?


During Runway Recap, organized by WWD and Fashion Group International, editors discussed all major trends that were spotted in Milan, Paris and New York. According to them, we will all be dressed in bold colors, elegant yet futuristic, with leopard-dyed hair and a sprinkle of feathers on top. Sounds crazy? Let us explain.


1. Bold colors


This is how the conversation started and we are not surprised. Bright and electric, color appeared at all main events in the last couple of months and it’s here to stay. We’ve seen the trend manifest itself in different ways: from celebrities in neon all the way to a blue-toned shade of pink on the Oscars red carpet? As Alex Badia, Style Director at WWD mentioned during Runway Recap, “It was lots of black color last year. Now it’s all about bold colors. It’s a celebration of color, fashion and life. It’s vibrant. It’s exciting.”



2. Tartans


Tartans and plaids were dominating runways, from punk and street style to tailoring and countryside chic. Tartans are famous multicolor patterns that are hard to measure objectively. We’d say – if you plan on adopting this trend in your collections, check out our solution for the “unmeasurables”—patterns and materials that are more challenging to measure than single-colored garments.


The Link Between Fall/Winter 2019 Fashion Trends and Color Management


3. Feathers


This one is our favorite. Camel coat with matching beige feathers? We’ll take two! However, it can be hard to match the color of different textures and materials. We recommend digital color measurement to ensure better objectivity and hence, a cohesive look and feel.


Fall/Winter 2019 fashion trends and color management


4. Whites

Simple yet luxurious, elegant and timeless. White is a statement and it was a centerpiece in quite a few collections including Phillip Lim and Alberta Feretti. This is a rather unexpected color choice to wear in Fall and we love it. Another characteristic that can be surprising? Despite its “simplicity,” it is a very challenging color to measure digitally.


Our color experts can give you recommendations on how to handle all of these textures and hues.


fall/winter 2019 fashion trends and color management


No matter what trends each new season brings, color continues to play a tremendous role. If you have any challenges in managing color or would like to learn more about digital color measurement, send us your questions by clicking on the “Ask An Expert” button below.


What do you think will be your favorite trend to try in the Fall/Winter season? And what will be adopted at your company?


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